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Croatian Chamber of Economy launches digital chamber project

Croatian Chamber of Commerce launches digital project

by Joispa Zekanovic

1 January 2018 – The Croatian Chamber of Economy (HGK) has recently launched the Digital Chamber project. The information and communication platform for e-services is intended to make it easier for running business administration for foreigners and local people who run businesses in Croatia.

The Croatian Chamber of Economy provides free signing up for the Digital Chamber application. The application is designed to make business easier, bringing a clear view of your documentation. It gathers and connects reports of several institutions that are crucial for your business and all your data bases are transparent there, you also can freely check every day what is happening with your business.

The Digital Chamber project involves digital process and business transformation, optimization of business activities, and digitization of the existing business with the expansion of the service portfolio and activities.

One of the key elements and project bearer is digitization and indexing of databases, registers and records.

The Digital Chamber project will enable better communication and document management both with members and internally within the Chamber.

A strong focus of the project will also be to strengthen the Chamber’s capacity through employee training by acquiring competencies for change management and adapting business to the digital age. The goal of the educational program, along with change management, is to develop tools for continuous development of proposals for improving the existing and developing new services of the Chamber.

Along with the optimization of the existing processes and business activities of the Chamber, the Digital Chamber project will also enable new services and services to be developed and the existing ones and the introduction of new projects will be improved. 

“Hereby we inform you that the Croatian Chamber of Economy has recently launched the Digital Chamber project. This is an information and communication platform for e-services that is intended for you – members of the Croatian Chamber of Economy – that the Croatian Chamber of Economy wishes to contribute to increasing the use of information and communication technologies in the field of providing e-services at the level of the Republic of Croatia.

Seven e-services (e-members, e-finance, e-public powers, e-business information, e-learning, e-legislation, e-fairs and promotions) will be implemented through this project to speed up our mutual communication and improve relationships, digitize the issuance of a public authority document and enable you to more actively engage businessmen in creating and changing the legislative and regulatory framework. Additionally, through the Digital Chambers’ Project, the HGK will make the potential sources of funding more accessible and will enable you to better promote your products and services.

The first functionality launched within the Digital Chamber project is the portal The Economic Network, one place that unites all relevant information such as macroeconomic indicators at the level of Croatia and certain counties, an overview of all active business entities and their general and financial indicators, status of blockade, statistics by activities and a whole range of interesting information that will help you in creating different market analysis and competitiveness assessments.

We hereby invite you to register on the portal digitalnakomora.hr, registration and use of portal data are completely free of charge and once you have registered you will automatically have access to all other e-services that we will develop through the project by the end of 2019.” – states in their official report.

You can sign in for an easier and more clear view of your company(s statistics and analytics, avoid waiting in huge lines in institutions where you can often hear you miss one paper, with just one click you can track everything that is connected with your company. It is free of charge

For more information, you can contact HGK http://www.investincroatia.hr/ , https://www.hgk.hr/digitalna-komora, https://www.hgk.hr/ 

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