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Croatian cakes & culture on UK television show ‘Extreme Chocolate Makers’

Aggy Dadan with her Kaštela-inspired cakes featured on Channel 4

4 May 2019 – Croatia has featured on the latest episode of Channel 4 show Extreme Chocolate Makers in the UK. 

Chocolatiers from around the UK design and make amazing chocolate on commission on the show and in the latest episode Cirencester-based Aggy Dadan takes on a double commission from the Croatian Embassy. 

The episode was filmed at the Croatian Embassy in London back on 31 January when 110 years of tourism in Kaštela was being marked. The event aimed to promote wine and tourism of the town of Kaštela in the UK with the support of the Croatian Tourist Board’s Representative Office in London.

During the show, the multi-award-winning British chocolate and cake maker, Aggy Dadan, presented imaginative delicacies – a chocolate sculpture of a Kaštela woman in folk costume and a “cake map” of  Kaštela. Dadan explained her source of inspiration for her creations. 

Aggy Dadan with he folk costume sculpture and cake make

Aggy Dadan: “When I visited Kaštela, I was amazed by the rich gastronomy and beauty of Kaštela and Dalmatia. The magical view from the balcony I enjoyed during my last visit to Kaštela was wonderful inspiration for the sculpture of the Kaštelan woman in folk costume and the cake map which shows the part of the coast between Split and Trogir, which has so much to offer to British tourists. On the other hand, the culinary tradition of Kaštela has completely changed my attitude toward the way of making sweets. That is why I decided to include an additional ingredient in the cake as a dedication to the wine tradition of Kaštela – Kaštelanski crljenak, which in combination with cream and other chocolate ingredients achieved an extraordinary taste. For this reason, I have continued to use Kaštelan wine in my chocolate recipes. I am extremely grateful to the Croatian Embassy, the Croatian Tourist Board and the Kaštela Tourist Board, who allowed me to share my inspiration from Croatia. I am particularly pleased that the show will soon be presented to millions of viewers also in Australia.“

Aggy working on her sculpture
Nada Marsic from the Kaštela Tourist Board and Aggy Dadan

Showing Croatia as a destination in the creative context on Channel 4 is of great importance for the development not only for the perception of Kastela, but also for special forms of tourist offerings in Croatia which are increasingly sought on the British market.

Chocolate sculpture
Sketch of the map cake

Hannah Walker, Boomerang production for Channel 4: “We are delighted to have the chance to show off the specificity of Kaštela and the events at the Croatian Embassy to a large number of viewers. We believe that viewers have recognised the beauty of the Croatian region, which has a special place in my heart, as well as the specificity of Kaštela’s wine that enchanted hundreds of visitors. It was a special pleasure to be part of such a special project, and my special wish is to thank Davorka Žanić Dražić from the Croatian Embassy and Ivana Shiell from the Croatian Tourist Board for organising the filming and successful cooperation. 

Event at the Croatian Embassy

The show aired on Friday 3, May at 5:30 pm on Channel 4. The show attracts over 1.4 million viewers.

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