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Croatian Brand VAU Wins Prestigious German Design Awards

Croatian design brand wins prestigious awards in Germany

23rd October 2017, Zagreb – VAU, a recently launched Croatian brand about functional everyday objects made from metal, intended for gifting and personalising both business and home environments, has won the German Design Awards 2018.

This highly regarded international design award is bestowed by the German Design Council. The international expert jury has awarded VAU for three products of their first collection.

The award German Design Award – Winner 2018 has been given to the design of the Triangle bottle opener and the Curve letter opener, whilst the Circular candle holder received the German Design Award – Special Mention 2018.

Triangle bottle opener

Triangle bottle opener

The Triangle bottle opener is designed in the form of an upright triangle symbolising stability and grounding, additionally emphasised by a massive base. The relationship between massive metal and empty space creates several triangles, merging both functionality and aesthetics. As a bottle opener, it is a useful tool, whilst based on its sculptural form, it also personalises its surrounding space.

Curve letter opener

The design of the Curve letter opener represents the duality of nature. In a playful and harmonious way this product integrates two opposing elements – a smooth handle and a sharp blade. Its minimalistic form is based on exact geometry, as the square turns into a triangle at the very spot where these two shapes connect, the curve.

Circular candle holder

The Circular candle holder is designed in the shape of concentric circles, symbolising movement as a universal principle of nature, from the centre towards infinity, and at the same time towards the centre. The flame is symbolically located at the very centre of the object, while there exists a dynamic composition of concentric circles around it. Smooth circles climb in sharp layers towards the source of light, a concept inspired by ziggurat architecture. The product is available in two different sizes, to be used with either a tea light or an upright candle.

Inspired by universal symbols, the design of the VAU collection emphasises timeless values and enjoyment of everyday rituals.

All products are made via a combination of traditional and modern manufacturing technologies, as each is refined by manual work from experienced craftsmen. VAU products are for people who seek to make their space more comfortable and deeply care about private and business relationships.

VAU winning products

The entire collection has been developed by the in-house VAU design team. The product design is inspired by universal symbols that extend through all aspects of life. Abstract symbols have been brought to life in the form of metal everyday objects by combining traditional handmade craftsmanship and modern manufacturing technology.
VAU products invite us to slow down, enjoy daily rituals, recognise the beauty in little things that surround us and invest in relationships that we truly care about.

You can find out more about VAU by visiting www.vauproducts.com.


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