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Croatian Bar Launches Campaign to Eliminate Plastic Drinking Straws

Addressing the impact of straws on the world

A hostel & bar on the Croatian island of Pag is to launch a ‘No Straw’ campaign at its bar this summer to raise awareness of the waste that single use straws cause.

Big Yellow House bar in Novalja is hoping other venues around Croatia will follow suit to end the use of plastic straws and change the culture of straw use one drink at a time.

The Croatian bar is joining a global movement to eliminate plastic drinking straws from our landfills, streams, oceans, and beaches.

Big Yellow House bar in Novalja on the Croatian island of Pag

The Last Straw campaign in Australia and The Last Plastic Straw campaign in the Unites States are already tackling the issue and are encouraging consumers to use less plastic straws and encouraging businesses to give out fewer straws through staff training and information.

“Mass plastic use is a huge problem that contributes massive amounts to landfill and has a negative impact on ocean ecosystems. Plastic straws are an unnecessary convenience with a big impact. Single use plastics, especially straws, are having an adverse affect on our world, and it’s time to do something about it”, says Last Straw campaign.

“There is an alarming disconnect between what’s in our hands and where it comes from, or what it means for the future. A plastic straw in my gin might seem innocent enough, but multiply that by the billions of people that buy billions of drinks across the world every single day, and you start to get an idea of the scale of the problem we’re looking at. That straw I threw away after stirring my drink will outlive me and everyone else on this planet. Unless we do something to change.”

Big Yellow House bar’s owner Sean Steel says that it is time to something about waste in his town.

Big Yellow House in Novalja to launch ‘No Straw’ campaign this summer

“It’s a real shame to see the amount of plastic waste that can end up in our sea, especially in a place like this that relies on our Adriatic,” he says.

Sean hopes other bars and clubs around Croatia will join the worth cause start making people aware of the waste that single use straws cause.

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