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Croatia wins award for best learning material in Europe  

Šestica (Profil Klett)

ZAGREB, 7 November 2020 – Croatia has won the prestigious 2020 BELMA award for the best learning material in Europe.   

Šestica, a textbook in the Croatian language for sixth-grade students, won the gold award at the 2020 BELMA awards. 

1300 teachers in 147 schools educate students based on the Šestica textbook. 

“It gives children the opportunity to develop creativity and critical thinking and problem-solving. To connect this literary experience with the child’s experience so far and to open some new worlds for him,” author Diana Greblički-Miculinić told HRT. 

Dejana Tavas, Lidija Sykora-Nagy and Krunoslav Matosević all authored the book.

The BELMA awards for the best learning materials in Europe are presented every year to and the winners are selected by an international jury of experts who evaluate all products and give written feedback on the entries, describing the strengths and weaknesses. 

Some of the feedback for Šestica were: 

“A very well structured and lovingly designed textbook that covers all kinds of literature (including graphic novels) as well as movies and other art forms. High-quality production with great photos at appropriate sizes with a very dynamic layout.

“The material not only focuses on diverse literature texts and genres but also successfully incorporates interdisciplinary aspects. Critical thinking, personal reflections, and stances are systematically encouraged.”

“The textbook successfully puts Croatian literature into context with world literature showing at the end of each of the six topics the specifics of that genre in Croatia. Digital resources enrich the materials with interactive options, audio and video records, and assessment opportunities.”

(Belma Award)

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