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Croatia Week Quiz: Test your Croatian knowledge

Grgur Ninski statues in Croatia rubbing toe

Grgur Ninski statue

Welcome to the Croatia Week Quiz, where you can put your knowledge of Croatia to the test and discover some insights about our beautiful country. 

Whether you’re a seasoned Croatia enthusiast or simply curious, our quiz aims to entertain and educate. Test your knowledge and discover new facets of Croatia. 

If you do not know the answers they can be found on the links where you can learn more, as well as at the bottom of the page also.


1. In which 3 cities in Croatia can you rub Grgur Ninski statue’s big toe?


2. Which Croatian coastal town is most famous for their risotto, cooked for up to 13 hours, and stirred slowly using a “veslo”, a huge wooden cooker.


3. Which ingredient makes the difference between Viška and Komiška pogača?


Must-eat on the island of Vis: Komiza pogaca

Komiška pogača

4. Invention of which famous Croatian product is credited to Professor Zlata Bartl?


5. Who is the patron saint of the Croatian city of Dubrovnik?


6. Which eastern Croatian town is home to gingko bloba tree planted more than 240 years ago? The tree represented Croatia and was a runner-up at the 2020 European Tree of the Year awards.


A clue (Photo credit: Fraxinus Croat/CC BY-SA 4.0)

7. According to The World of Statistics data on the average height of adult males by country which place do Croatian men occupy? What is the average Height for males in Croatia?


8. The most common Croatian surname is Horvat, around 20 000 people have it. What is the most common boys name given in Croatia in 2022. What is most common girl name?


9. How long is the Pelješac Bridge?


Race Set to Celebrate Croatia's Connectivity and Statehood Day

Pelješac Bridge

10. Goran Turkić, the Croatian owner of Tedson Motors, stole the show recently in New York when he unveiled his Tedson Motors Daydream, an ultimate restomod of which famous car brand?



1. Nin, Split, Varaždin
2. Skradin
3. Tomato salsa
4. Vegeta
5. Saint Blaise/Sveti Vlaho
6. Daruvar
7. 7th, 180.78 cm
8. Luka, Mia
9. 2,4 km
10. Porsche 911

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