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Croatia starts 2023 with unusually warm temperatures 

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A sub-tropical anti-cyclone is bringing unusually warm temperatures to southern Europe. 

On the first day of 2023, most of Croatia basked in warm sunshine. In Zagreb on 1 January, temperatures reached 17.3°C, similar to what they were on New Year’s Eve.

“The last time it was this warm on New Year’s Eve was: never,” wrote Croatian meteorologist Izidor Pelajić on Facebook, daily Jutarnji list reported. 

On the first day of January, it was even warmer in Sisak, where temperatures hit 18.6°C. 

In Gospić, which is located in Lika where it is always renowned to be cold in winter, there was a high of 12.9°C, whilst 13.7°C was recorded in Plitvice on Sunday.

In Split, Dubrovnik and on the island of Korčula there were highs of around 16°C.

There have been record temperatures across Europe. 

“We just observed the warmest January day on record for many countries in Europe.Truly unprecedented in modern records,” said meteorlogist Scott Duncan.

There were records in Poland – 19°C (Korbielow/Jodłowni), Denmark – 12.6°C (Abed), Czech Republic – 19.6°C (Javorník), Netherlands – 16.9°C (Eindhoven), Belarus – 16.4°C Visokaye, Lithuania – 14.6°C (Marijampole) and Latvia – 11.1°C (Daugavpils).

“The latest prognostic calculations for the continuation of winter – January and February – in Croatia and the surrounding area are less and less optimistic for those who want longer-term cold and snow, but of course, changes are still possible, especially in long-term forecasts,” said meteorologist Zoran Vakula.

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