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Croatia Set for Record January Temperatures

(Photo: I. Nobilo/Zagreb Tourist Board)

The warmest ever January temperatures recorded in parts of Croatia can be expected over the next few days, says Chief Meteorologist for Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT) Zoran Vakula.

Above average temperatures over Christmas and New Year for inland Croatia have continued into the January and HRT’s chief meteorologist says it is set to get warmer with records being broken.

“The above-average warm spell will continue. Moreover, the next few days will be warmer than the beginning of the year, so the average air temperature, and the average daily highs and lows, for most of Croatia will be near the record for early January in the known history of measurement”, writes Vakula for HRT.

Lots of people out and about as temperatures were above average over Christmas & New Year (Photo: S. Kastelan/Zagreb Tourist Board)

It will be a warm weekend for most of Croatia, with Saturday forecast to be the warmest. Records are set to be broken for parts of continental Croatia.

On Saturday a high of 15 °C is forecast for Zagreb, with Sunday similar with a high of 13 °C expected. In Bjelovar 15 °C is also forecast for Saturday. It will be 14 °C on Sunday and remain above 10 °C for most of the week.

Temperatures far out east in Slavonia, which are usually just above zero for this time of year, will also hover around 15 °C.


It will be warmer in inland parts of Croatia than it will on the Adriatic coast. In Split temperatures over the weekend are not expected to pass 13 °C with rain forecast.

Typical early January weather

Further down the coast in Dubrovnik, rain is also forecast with highs of 15 °C forecast for the weekend.
In Istria highs of between 12-15 °C are forecast.

Split (Photo: Yuya Matsuo)

There is no sign of snow over the next 10 days, but temperatures will drop later week.

(Photo: I. Nobilo/Zagreb Tourist Board)


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