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Croatia No.1 Destination in the World for Jump in Australian Tourists


The number of Australians travelling to Croatia has increased by more than 50 per cent, the biggest rise for any destination in the world.

Croatia has topped the Destinations on the Rise list with an increase of 52 per cent in the number of Australians visiting over a 2-year period.  

The research was compiled by website finder.com.au and revealed the places with the biggest increases. 

The comparative site analysed ABS overseas arrivals and departures data and compared the number of Australians travelling on holidays between the months of January to May in both 2016 and 2018.

“It’s cheap, hot and has some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe so of course it’s rising in popularity,” finder.com.au travel expert Angus Kidman told news.com.au

Vis (Photo credit: Ante Babic)

“Island hopping in Croatia is the new Grecian idyll. The Croatian islands are hidden gems that are substantially less impacted by tourism than the popular Greek islands, in turn attracting many young Aussie travellers.” Kidman added.

Behind Croatia, with the second biggest leap in the number of Australians visiting, was Egypt which had seen a 51 per cent increase. 

Surprisingly, Nepal, Pakistan and Lebanon were next. Spain was 6th. 

Destinations on the Rise List (% increase in number of Australians travelling there)

  1. Croatia – 52%
  2. Egypt – 51%
  3. Nepal – 47%
  4. Pakistan – 41%
  5. Lebanon – 38%
  6. Spain – 36%
  7. Timor-Leste – 36%
  8. Vanuatu – 34%
  9. Sri Lanka – 33%
  10. Japan – 32%

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