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‘Croatia Needs its Diaspora’

CroatiaCroatia needs its diaspora if it is to get itself out of the economic doldrums, says Parliament Speaker Josip Leko…

Speaking during the current Croatian Diaspora Congress, which is being held in Zagreb this week, Leko stressed that Croatia needed the ‘know-how and experience’ of its Croatian expats around the world. Leko said that emigration of young, educated Croats, which has been going on for decades due to political and economic reasons, is still going on today and something needed to be done to stop the trend.

Leko hopes that new legislative frameworks and strategies recently put in place would help ‘connect’ the Croatian diaspora with the homeland. Marin Sopta, who is the head of the organising committee of the Congress, urged for better and more efficient communication between expat communities around the world, and the Croatian political and economic sector.

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