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Croatia leads the EU for growth in wine production in 2018

Wine production up

Croatia will lead the way for growth in wine production in 2018, according to a European Commission report.

In 2018, Croatia will produce 777,000 hectolitres of wine, up 35% from last year. Only Slovenia will achieve more growth in wine production (57%). 

Although wine production is up 35%, 777,000 hectolitres are still 23% less than the 5-year average, Poslovni dnevnik writes.  

European Commission experts say that after a tough 2017 due to climate conditions, faith has been returned to the wine sector. There will be 22% more wine produced in Europe this year and 5% more than the 5-year average. 

The report suggests that in 2018 in the EU a total of 175.6 million hectolitres of wine will be produced. 

European Commission experts explain that in 2018 faith in the wine sector was returned after production was at record low levels due to big climatic changes in 2017. Although this year there were also significant climatic changes, especially in northern Europe with heavy droughts, all this had a positive impact on the production of grapes and the extremely good quality of the wine.  

The report notes that the climate change of this disease as a complementary element in grape production due to frequent rains, frosts, droughts and the like, will have a great impact on the future as well. For this reason, the winemakers will have to apply new technologies and knowledge in grape and wine production, it was highlighted in the analysis.

Benvenuti Vina in Motovun (Benvenuti Vina)

Croatian winemakers say 2018 will be a good year for wine quality.  

“Compared to last year’s harvest, the number of grapes is bigger and we are expecting maximum quality wine,” said Martina Krauthaker Grgić from Krauthaker winery. 

Sebastijan Tomić from Tomić winery agrees. “I dare say that this is a good year as far as quality and quantity is concerned, the quantity is better by 30%.”

“This year was really ideal, better than last year. There were no diseases, climate conditions were excellent. The quality of grapes is great and we expect excellent wine, balanced, with minerals and full-bodied,” winemaker Josip Franković said. 


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