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Croatia goes on Slovenia’s quarantine red list

Ljubljana, Slovenia

ZAGREB, Aug 20 (Hina) – Slovenia’s government on Thursday decided that Croatia would be put on its red list of epidemiologically unsafe countries due to a rise in new COVID cases lately.

The decision goes into effect on Friday, and Slovenians, who are spending summer holidays in Croatia, are supposed to return to their homeland until Monday to avoid a 14-day quarantine.

The government’s spokesman, Jelko Kacin, informed the press about the Janez Jansa cabinet’s decision on Thursday afternoon. On Wednesday, Kacin hinted at this possibility describing the situation in Croatia as dramatic.

The Slovenian news agency STA says that “Slovenia has put Croatia on the red list of countries from which travellers must undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine effective on Friday, but the government has also put in place a number of exemptions to make sure trade, commerce and cross-border ties run smoothly.”

Transit transport, and people commuting to work on a daily or weekly basis in cross-border areas, as well as students commuting to school and people arriving in Slovenia for medical treatment, are exempted from the mandatory self-isolation.

For instance, Slovenians who possess a property or a vessel in Croatia will be allowed to pay a 48-hour visit to Croatia without being obliged to undergo a 14-day self-isolation upon their return, according to the explanation provided by the Slovenian government’s spokesman Jelko Kacin.

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