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Croatia eases some border restrictions for foreigners 

ZAGREB, 9 May 2020 – Croatia on Saturday eased some restrictions at the nation’s borders which had been imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic.  

The decision, which was announced at Saturday’s press conference by Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic related to both Croatian citizens and foreigners who will now be allowed to enter under special circumstances.

Croatian citizens can now enter the country or go abroad in compliance with the recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health. 

“Also, foreign nationals are now able to enter Croatia for business reasons or other economic interests along with compliance of the measures set by the Croatian Institute of Public Health. This also applies to foreigners who need to travel for urgent personal reasons,” Minister Bozinovic said. 

“The EU has made a recommendation to all member states and we will adhere to it in terms of extending the ban or the recommendation not to enter the territory of the EU from third countries until 15 June,” Bozinovic said, saying today’s decision refers to people needing to travel for ‘economic activities and business meetings’.

Every person coming into Croatia will receive clear instructions on what and how to follow the measures set out by the Croatian Institute of Public Health.

“This will not mean a mandatory measure of self-isolation because it is not realistic to let someone come for an economic meeting or any other business meeting and then automatically prevent them from leaving their place or hotel or any other accommodation,” Minister Bozinovic said. 

“This is the liberalisation of entry into the Republic of Croatia, we believe that with the cooperation of the border police, other inspections, of course, with the epidemiological service, we will be able to monitor and control the situation,” he added.

As for Croatian citizens residing in Croatia or another country, they will be able to enter Croatia that way or for reasons of a personal nature and will have to follow the Croatian Institute of Public Health recommendations given to them in writing at the border crossing. 

Decision about Brac – 14-day restriction 

Minister Bozinovic also announced another decision made by the national crisis team on Saturday, relating to the island of Brac. 

Because of the situation on the island, where 22 people were infected on Friday, a decision was made that it would be forbidden to move around the island without an e-pass, and people would have to stay at their registered place of residence for the next 14 days.

It is also forbidden to leave the island of Brac without an e-pass for the next 14 days. 

The Minister also said that a decision will be made soon on when cinemas and theatres would be allowed to open with 18 May a possible date. 

On Monday, 11 May, cafes, restaurants, and shopping malls will be allowed to reopen as the third stage of relaxation of restrictions commences. 


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