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Croatia announces strict new measures until 21 December: Restaurants, cafes close…

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Zagreb (Photo: HINA/ Edvard ŠUŠAK/)

ZAGREB, Nov 26 (Hina/CW) – Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said on Thursday that the new measures aimed at containing the coronavirus outbreak, which the government presented this afternoon, would be in force from Saturday, November 28 until Monday, December 21.

“We have to take additional measures given that today’s numbers have for the first time passed 4,000 cases,” Plenkovic said in his introductory remarks at a regular cabinet meeting.

“It is important to bear in mind that the measures have a concrete epidemiological basis. In addition, we will conduct further testing to better ascertain the trends of the contagion, maintain the functioning of the public healthcare system and prepare for the distribution of the vaccine once it arrives in Croatia and gets all the necessary approvals,” he added.

The prime minister said that all the ministers of economy-related departments were working on economic countermeasures to preserve jobs in the sectors whose activity was limited by the restrictions.

“The measures that would enter into force on Saturday would remain in place until December 21. We are trying to ensure an effective fight against the coronavirus before Christmas,” Plenkovic said. 

The main new measures are: 

Restaurants, Cafes

All restaurants and cafes will be closed. 

Restaurants are allowed to prepare and deliver food that will be in compliance with all measures or personal collection, delivery, and drive-in services.

Hotels and camps can only serve guests who use the accommodation service. 

Shops and Malls

Shops and malls will remain open. A notice must be posted at the entrance informing the maximum number of customers who can be in the space at the same time.

At least 4m2 of space for each customer must be secured. Enhanced hygiene and daily cleaning of the space is mandatory.

The working hours for bakeries are limited to 10 pm, and there is a ban on the sale of alcohol from 10 pm to 6 am.

Gyms, Sports 

Gyms, fitness, and sports recreation centres will be closed. Only the highest category of sporting events and trainings will be allowed.

For sporting events that are allowed to go ahead, spectators are permitted. 


Cinema, museum, theatre, professional artistic projections/exhibitions/performances limited to 25 people with epidemiological measures until 10 pm. 

No rehearsals of amateur choirs, it also applies to church choirs. No children’s playrooms, no dance schools allowed. No food allowed to be consumed in cinemas.

Public transport

Occupancy in public transport can not exceed 40 percent of available seating. Drivers, employees, and passengers are required to wear face masks. Control will be carried out by inspectors of the Ministry of Transport, police officers.


No more than 25 people allowed at public events. 

No more than 10 people can attend private gatherings and ceremonies. 

It is mandatory to use masks outdoors when it is not possible to keep a distance of 1.5 meters. Public events can last up to 10 pm. Wedding ceremonies are suspended. A maximum of 25 people can be present at funerals, and condolences must not be expressed through close contact. 

It is the responsibility of tenants, building managers, and employers to regularly disinfect common areas. At least 4 square meters of space must be provided for the gatherings that are allowed for each person.

Gathering organisers must ensure that the premises are ventilated, that there are no more than the permitted number of people, and that everyone adheres to the measures.


Recommended that mass services take place where possible via radio and TV or in other ways which do not require turning up to the church. 

If a mass is held then measures that are in place for public gatherings must be adhered to.

Casinos, gaming arcades, betting shops, fairs

All casinos, gaming arcades, fairs, and betting shops will be closed. 

Mandatory for employers 

Forbidden to allow workers with a temperature, breathing issues, dry cough, short breath to work.

Reduce physical contact where possible between employees.

Allow work from home wherever possible. Organise shifts and reduce physical meetings where possible. Aerate space often.

The purpose of the new epidemiological measures is to encourage citizens to reduce their social contacts in order to lower the number of coronavirus infections and the pressure on the public healthcare system, Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic said at a cabinet meeting on Thursday.

Bozinovic said that in the past week the national coronavirus response team had adopted two decisions at the national level and eight at the county level. The counties with poor epidemiological pictures recommended tougher measures for their respective areas or for specific towns and municipalities, he added.

Speaking of the enforcement of the restrictions, Bozinovic said that state inspectors, civil protection staff and police officers had carried out 2,801 inspections and issued 19 infringement complaints about violations of epidemiological measures and four criminal complaints against people who with their behaviour had contributed to the spread and transmission of the infection.

As for protective equipment, Bozinovic said that it was issued to local coronavirus response teams and medical institutions on a regular basis. He said that at this point there were 12.1 million articles of protective equipment stored in civil protection warehouses and that the equipment was regularly replenished.

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