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Croatia and Slovenia Road Trip Travel Guide Provides Authentic Adriatic Experience

unnamedTake a road trip of a lifetime to Croatia and Slovenia on the beautiful Adriatic…

Toni Krasnic’s “Adriatic Road Trip: Discover Croatia and Slovenia by Car” travel guide, focused on Croatian and Slovenian coastal cities, has just been released and is available for purchase on Amazon. This comprehensive electronic travel guide, full of native knowledge and complemented with Google Maps, is the first of its kind, combining Toni’s first-hand experience of Croatia and Slovenia with the convenient Amazon Kindle and Google Maps mobile apps that travelers rely on today.

“This guide combines my extensive Croatian and Slovenian travel experience with today’s mobile technology, delivering a comprehensive, convenient, clearly-written on-the-road guide to the most interesting sights and cities along Croatia’s and Slovenia’s coastline. In this road trip guide, I share my intimate knowledge of Croatia and Slovenia to make everyone’s road trip more memorable and enjoyable, for all the right reasons.”

Just in time for the summer tourist season, the book covers everything from Pula’s incredible Roman Arena to Dubrovnik’s history, culture, and other not-to-miss highlights of Croatia and Slovenia. Toni’s personal road trips provided the inspiration, as well as the expertise, to make this guide one of the best and most convenient for anyone traveling the Croatian and Slovenian Adriatic coast.

Discover a wealth of information covering history, culture, and cuisine, in addition to valuable advice about where to stay, what routes to take, and where to connect with ferries to also visit islands. Don’t miss an opportunity to plan ahead with Toni by your side, as you explore Croatia and Slovenia, through the eyes of an expert.

For more information, visit www.AdriaticRoadTrip.com.

The book is accompanied by a Google Map companion, Google Map route planner, and Google+ Adriatic Road Trip Community where anyone can ask questions and share your road trip experience.

About Author
Toni was born in Ptuj, Slovenia, and lived in Slovenia for 14 years before moving to the United States. He has traveled extensively through Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Albania, and continues to spend his summers road tripping on the Adriatic coast with his family. Toni is fluent in English, Slovenian, Croatian, and Albanian. Toni’s newest travel guide, “Adriatic Road Trip: Discover Croatia and Slovenia by Car,” explores the Adriatic route from a native’s perspective, with the passion and purpose of an intelligent traveler, intent on an enjoyable, eventful, immersive experience. Come along on the most comprehensive, fascinating, accurate road trip as Toni shares wit and wisdom of a journey he’s made many times. It is a game-changer for anyone considering travel to Croatia and Slovenia.

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