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Croatia and Denmark with highest increases in retail trade in EU in Oct



ZAGREB, Dec 4 (Hina) – Retail trade in the EU and the euro area recovered in October after falling in the previous month, with Croatia and Denmark recording the highest rises, shows a report released by Eurostat on Thursday.

The seasonally adjusted volume of retail trade increased by 1.5% in the EU and the euro area in October compared with September 2020. In September, the retail trade volume fell by 1.3% in the EU and by 1.7% in the euro area.

The highest increase in sales in both areas were recorded in food, beverages and tobacco products, by about 2%.

The same increase was recorded in stores selling electrical equipment and furniture.

The highest increase in retail was recorded with orders via post or internet sales, about 6%.

Retail at petrol stations, however, contracted for the second consecutive month by 3.4% in the EU and 3.7% in the euro area.

A significant fall was recorded in October in the sale of textile, clothing and footwear, almost 3%.

Croatia just after Denmark

The highest month-on-month increase in the total retail trade volume was registered in Denmark (+8.3%), followed by Croatia (6.5%).

The largest decrease in the volume of retail trade according to Eurostat was observed in Slovenia (-1.4%), followed by Slovakia (-1.2%), the Netherlands (-0-7%) and Luxembourg (-0.3%).

Ireland again with highest increase on the year

Ireland once again recorded the highest increase in retail trade on the year (+13.8%), followed by Denmark (+12.5%) and Lithuania (+8.5%).

In Croatia retail slipped by 0.2% on the year after it had fallen by 6.1% in September.

The largest decreases in retail in the EU were recorded by Slovenia (-11.1%), Malta (-7.2%) and Bulgaria (-5.3%), Eurostat’s report shows.

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