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Croatia Airlines Cancels Dubrovnik-Frankfurt Service

Croatia Airlines confirmation that it will cancel its Dubrovnik-Frankfurt service after summer has upset authorities in Dubrovnik. The move is part of a restructuring programme to help save the financially strapped national carrier.

Croatia Airlines confirmed that it would stop operating from Dubrovnik to Germany’s busiest airport from 27 October after failing to secure subsidies from local tour operators to make the route viable.

“Croatia Airlines is in the process of restructuring which was recently approved by the Croatian Competition Agency. The program foresees, amongst other things, the reduction of our fleet and destination network”, the airline said in a statement.

The Dubrovnik-Frankfurt service, which operated three times a week, was performing 13% worse than the companies average routes. Croatia Airlines will still operate flights from Dubrovnik to Paris, Rome, Zagreb and Zurich, but the cancellation means there will be no direct flights to Germany. The Dubrovnik Tourist Organisation and Dubrovnik Airport officials says the loss of flights to Germany’s busiest airport means Dubrovnik will not only be isolated from Croatia, but also the rest of the world as Frankfurt represents a major transit hub.

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