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Croatia 9th biggest beer drinking nation in the world

Croatians 9th in the world for beer consumption

Japan’s Kirin Beer University has released the results of its annual survey on global beer consumption. Their numbers break down many clichés about world beer drinkers. 

The latest figures reveal that the biggest beer drinking nation in the world is the Czech Republic, and quiet comfortably, who drunk 188.6 litres per capita.

Austrians and Romanians are second and third, drinking 107.8 litres and 100.3 litres per capita respectively, with the Germans in fourth place knocking back 99 litres per capita in the year. 

Croatia features very high on the list, coming in ninth in the world for the amount of beer consumed per capita.

According to Kirin Beer University for the last relevant year, pre-pandemic 2019, Croatians drink 85.5 litres of beer per capita, which is 7.9 bottles more than the previous year and a total of 350 million litres per year, BBC Science Focus Magazine reported.

Kirin has tracked global consumption since 1975, drawing its data from brewers’ associations and industry statistics around the world.

As the research is based on data from brewery associations and statistical institutions, one can assume that millions of tourists downing beers over the hot summer months are also responsible for Croatia’s high ranking.

Top 10 countries that drink the most beer

10. Latvia – 81.4 litres per capita
9. Croatia – 85.5 litres per capita
8. Spain – 88.8 litres per capita
7. Ireland – 92.9 litres per capita
6. Namibia – 95.5 litres per capita
5. Poland – 97.7 litres per capita
4. Germany – 99.0 litres per capita
3. Romania – 100.3 litres per capita
2. Austria – 107.8 litres per capita
1. Czech Republic  – 188.6 litres per capita

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