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Croat First In The World To Discover Internet Explorer 11 Bug

A 33-year-old Croat is set to receive a healthy financial reward from Microsoft after becoming the first person in the world to discover a security flaw within the new Internet Explorer 11.

Ivan Fratric, who graduated from Zagreb’s Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing and is currently employed at Google in Switzerland, could receive up to 100,000 USD for his discovery after Microsoft recently announced the ‘bug bounty’ for their latest internet explorer.

Microsoft said that it had received more vulnerability reports in the first two weeks of its bounty programmes, but Fratric was the first to be recognised for reporting a certain type of vulnerability and exploitation technique. Microsoft announced earlier that they will pay up to $100,000 USD for truly novel exploitation techniques against protections built into the latest version of our operating system, up to $50,000 USD for defensive ideas that accompany a qualifying Mitigation Bypass submission, and also up to $11,000 USD for critical vulnerabilities that affect Internet Explorer 11 Preview on the latest version of Windows.

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