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Croat Asks All 30 MLB Teams Why He Should be a Fan & Gets 8 Replies

A sports fan in Croatia has asked all 30 Major League Baseball teams in America why they should start supporting them.

The Croatian, who knew nothing about baseball, was keen to start supporting a team with the new season about to start next month.

“I want to fulfil my dream of becoming a baseball fan, since I’m already a big fan of NBA and NFL. I thought that following and supporting one MLB team would be the best way for me to understand the rules and everything connected with baseball. But since I don’t live in the USA, I don’t feel connected to any team”, ‘Sesve’ wrote on Reddit, before adding.

“I sent 30 e-mails to every MLB team asking them why should I be their long-life supporter. Only seven teams responded in one week (others sent automatic responses or nothing at all).

With one replying since he made the post, It seems only 8 eight teams were motivated enough to want his support.

Replies came from (in order):

From AL East: Baltimore Orioles
From AL Central: Cleveland Indians
From AL West: Seattle Mariners
From NL East: Miami Marlins, Philadelphia Phillies, Washington Nationals
From NL Central: Milwaukee Brewers
From NL West: LA Dodgers

Many of the clubs tried to attract the Croatians support by talking up the roster and spirit of club.

“Thank you for contacting the Los Angeles Dodgers!

We appreciate you taking the time to write to us and share your request. We are very happy to be able to send you our digital fan pack! Attached to this email you will find some Fun Facts, a baseball card, and more! Enjoy!!

Please also take a moment to sign up for our Dodgers Home Rundown newsletter. You’ll receive the latest video highlights, up-to-date news, features, ticket specials, and more — all delivered FREE to your inbox, wherever you are!”, the LA Dodgers replied.

You can read what the other club’s wrote to Sesve here.

Sesve was inspired by the story of another Reddit user who sent 92 e-mails to every professional football team in England asking them why he should be their fan, which eventually earned him a trip to Liverpool after he chose Everton FC and attended a match, attracting lots of media attention in the UK.

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