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Croat Arrested For Bosnian Priest Murder

Latest: On Tuesday Bosnian TV reported that a 17 and 16 year old Bosnian nationals and a 15-year old Croatian national have been charged with the priest’s murder.

Seven Croats have been arrested for the murder of a Catholic priest in Bosnian and Herzegovina who was brutally killed on Friday, reports daily Jutarnji list.

Police detained for questioning the Croat nationals on Monday in relation to the murder of Mile Ivancic, from the Zavalje parish in the Gospic-Senj Diocese of St. Francis of Assisi in Bosnia and Herzegovina, who was found dead in the parish house, about 20 km from Bihac,on Saturday. Ivancic, who police believe was murdered on Friday, died as a result of serious injuries to the head sustained in an attack.

Police believe that personal gain was the motive behind the brutal murder. Ivancic had been a priest since 1963.

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