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VIDEO: Croatian Anti-Royalist At It Again

Veteran Croatian anti-royalist Castislav Sam Bracanov has been at it again. The 76-year-old Croatian national living in New Zealand, who hit the headlines in November when he was arrested by police for planning to throw horse manure at Prince Charles on his visit to New Zealand, was again taken into police custody last week for protesting outside the funeral of one of the countries most famous broadcasters.

Bracanov was arrested by police whilst handing out pamphlets outside the funeral of broadcaster Sir Paul Holmes in Auckland last week. Bracanov’s pamphlets indicated how all Sirs and Dames were enemies of ordinary New Zealanders and that he had no respect for Sir Paul or any other Sir or Dame.

Bracanov is no stranger to the legal system in New Zealand. In 1994 he attempted to spray air freshener at Prince Charles to “remove the stink of royalty” when he visited and also threw a bucket of horse manure at a car with Spain’s King Juan Carlos in it in 1988.

Watch a video of the arrest here.

Bracanov in action during the Royal visit to New Zealand last year:

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