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Cro Cop’s Scathing Restaurant Review – ‘Boss Deserved a Kick in the Ass’

CROATIA1As a restaurant proprietor, probably the last man in Croatia that you want to offend with your service is legendary fighter Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ Filipović, but that is just what one Vukovar restaurateur has done…

The World champion mixed martial artist was in Vukovar attending a lunch to celebrate the confirmation of a friend’s child, and his lunch experience was bad enough for him to publically give the restaurant in question a serve on his Facebook page.

“After the mass we made our way to restaurant Vrške. There were 17 of us (9 kids and 8 adults). First the waiter bought us warm coca cola, in a two litre bottle, which is not legal and you can’t pour drink from a two-litre bottle, but alright I don’t care. After that came the juice, which had not even seen a fridge,” Cro Cop starts off his ‘restaurant review’.

“Next came the ragu soup, or should I say carrot ragu soup as there was 5 grams of meat and a kilo of carrots.”

After taking one bite of the lamb and giving up, the K1 champ moved onto critiquing the fries.

“The fries were cooked in oil which looked like was used last year when there was a confirmation. You bite one and it breaks like glass. Of course nobody ate them,” said Filipović.

“After everything four of them ordered coffee. I go to see the boss to pay the bill. As I am heading to pay the bill I guess how much it could all cost – coca cola in bulk, 4 or 5 bottles of 1 litre juice which cost 6-7 kuna each, a bottle of mineral water and a litre of some ‘expensive’ wine. I think it can’t be more than 1,000 kuna (115 euros) but I take out 1,500 kuna. When the waiter tells me its 2,360 kuna!! I listen and can’t believe it. I ask the waiter what is this.”

Filipović said he asked to see the boss but he was told by the waiter that he was not around.

“If someone came and apologised and said listen we made a mistake, anything, but nobody did. I did not want to create a scene because of my friend so I left with my family but the boss deserved a ‘kick in the ass’ so he remembers for the rest of his life and it would have made my day better,” he said.

“I have been to restaurants from Tokyo, Sydney, New York, Las Vegas, to Los Angeles and I have never experienced something like this,” he said.

Safe to say the Filipović’s wont be returning to restaurant Vrške in a hurry.

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