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Concerned UEFA President Platini Writes To Croatian Prime Minister

The Croatian football federation board met last night with one of the key points discussed being a letter sent to the Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic from a concerned UEFA President Michel Platini. Platini has made no secret that he is concerned with the hooligans at football stadiums in the region and now he has written to Milanovic stating that the state must be responsible for finding a solution to the problem with those Croatian fans.

“UEFA is extremely concerned with various levels of violence at matches that involve the Croatian team at UEFA tournaments. This concern is not anything new, in February 2011 I met with the President of Croatia and explained the official stance of UEFA executive committee.

This is an effort to reach an agreement on the implementation of key strategic action necessary in order to achieve immediate progress. We would like to propose that this meeting should be held in Croatia in March 2013, and we kindly ask for full cooperation and that this issue is treated as the highest priority. Therefore, I thank you in advance for your understanding and your help in this particularly sensitive issue. UEFA knows that it can count on the new management team at the Croatian Football Federation who have made extreme efforts, but we need you now more than ever: to a large extent the future of Croatian football depends on it,” said the letter by Michel Platini to the Prime Minister.

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