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Candidates for next Croatian Michelin star restaurants

Despite the epidemic, Michelin inspectors have been regularly visiting Croatian restaurants since June. At some restaurants they introduced themselves, at others they were recognised by the chefs and staff, or at least they think they did. In any case, reports have been written and proposals for new stars have been sent to the relevant places, Kult Plave Kamenice reports.

As it was seen last year, the new stars will be decided at the last minute. It was known in advance, for example, that Boškinac would get a Michelin star, while the star for LD on Korčula was a surprise.

Here are, according to Kult Plave Kamenice,  the main favourites for the new Michelin star restaurants in Croatia. It’s important to note that two restaurants that already have stars this summer received relatively negative first reviews.

Cap Aureo, Rovinj

“As far as we know, Michelin inspectors have had dinner at least twice in Cap Aure. Jeffrey Vella’s virtuoso cooking should bring Istria another star.”

Mano, Zagreb

“Mano chef Matija Bogdan reportedly left an extremely good impression on Michelin inspectors. Which is not unusual. It is one of the most professional Croatian fine dining restaurants.”

Nav, Zagreb

“Michelin seems to be quite impressed with the cooking of Tvrtko Šakota. But Navo’s enduring problem is unconventional service and an unusual wine list.”

Zinfandel’s, Zagreb

“The star escaped the main Esplanade restaurant by a millimetre. In the next Guide, Zinfandel’s should really get a star. In Italy, Austria and France, we ate at much worse restaurants that have a star.”

(Photo: Zinfandel’s)

Marina, Novigrad

“Marina Gaši was shortlisted for a star in 2020. Marina was in very good shape this season as well.”

ManO2, Zagreb

“Hrvoje Kroflin deals with extremely progressive cooking. In addition, he has an excellent sommelier and extremely professional service, all of which cannot go unnoticed.”

Theatrium, Zagreb

“Filip Horvat’s international-local cooking, with its outstanding ambience and a strong sense of detail, is a good argument for Theatrium’s candidacy for the star.”

Pergola, Zambratija

“Talented chef Fabricio Veznaver runs one of the best Istrian restaurants. Veznaver, like Šakota in Nav, does not have a literally professional service, but his cuisine is really impressively good.

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