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Can you learn Croatian in three days?

Can you learn Croatian in just three days… Advent in Zagreb (Photo credit: Julien Duval/Zagreb Tourist Board)

By Mihaela Naletilić Šego, prof., Croatian language teacher 

Is this title a joke? – maybe you have asked yourself, knowing that learning Croatian is a challenge requiring time and hard work. 

Of course, you cannot learn Croatian in three days, but CRO to go Croatian language educational centre, located in Zagreb, is challenging you – to join CROchat – their 3-day intensive Croatian course – and pick up / the basics of Croatian!

CRO to go is a small educational centre specialized in learning Croatian as a foreign language, located in the centre of Zagreb, just a short walk from the main square. 

Besides the ONLINE Croatian courses and Croatian courses in person, they are divided into various levels.

CROstart for beginners, CROplus for advanced beginners, CROtalk for people who want to improve on their Croatian knowledge, and CROintensive – intensive Croatian course. Now CRO to go is offering: 

CROchat – a short and fun, 3-day Croatian language course in the heart of Zagreb! 

CRO to go

If this winter you are coming to Zagreb to enjoy the famous Zagreb Advent atmosphere,  it might be the perfect opportunity to learn the basics of Croatian or improve /renew your existing  Croatian knowledge. 

Located in the Centre of Zagreb, the CRO to go school is just a short walk away from the main square and all the beautiful sights of Zagreb that you want to experience!

Visiting a new country and experiencing a different culture is always exciting, and now you can enjoy your Croatian experience even more. 

Winter in Zagreb

If you’ve always wanted to learn, at least some Croatian, but didn’t have time – CROchat course is the perfect opportunity for you!

One of the goals of CRO to go school is to teach people how to communicate in Croatian in everyday situations. Using lots of interesting materials, games and active one –on – one conversation with the teacher –  CRO to go always makes learning Croatian useful and fun! 

Enjoying Zagreb’s Christmas atmosphere and learning how to order coffee, make small talk in Croatian or buy on the local market – certainly sounds like a lot of fun!

So, enjoy the unique Zagreb Advent on the streets of Zagreb, join CROchat course – an exciting 3-day Croatian language adventure – and have fun doing it! 

Vidimo se u Zagrebu!   See you in Zagreb! 

For more information check the CRO to go website. 


Find CRO to go on Facebook CRO to go (education) 

or write to  [email protected]

CRO to go

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