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Can you Learn Croatian in 3 Days?

Of course not! But you can talk a short and fun 3-day walk through Croatian language with CRO to go.

CRO to go is a small educational center located in Zagreb and specialized in teaching Croatian as a second or foreign language.

Besides the standard individual and group courses, divided in four levels – CROstart, CROplus, CROtalk and CROintensive, and of course, ONLINE Croatian courses – CRO to go is now offering you a unique opportunity – CROwalk course – a short and fun 3 day walk through Croatian language.

Getting to know a place that you are visiting usually requires a lot of walking and sightseeing. But now you can take a different kind of walk – a walk through Croatian language.

CROwalk is a short and fun 3 day course, intended for or all those who want to get acquainted with Croatian, learn how to order a meal in a restaurant, how to get by at Croatian markets, or simply – learn basic Croatian expressions – and have fun doing it.

CROwalk course takes place at CRO to go school, located in Zagreb center.

Tkalčićeva street in downtown Zagreb

If you are staying in Zagreb for just a few days and want to get to know Croatian in a different way, than CROwalk is ideal solution for you to enrich your Zagreb experience.

CRO to go school is located in Tkalčićeva street, one of the most popular Zagreb locations, just a 5 minute walk from the main square.

CROwalk courses start in February. Dobro došli.

For more information visit the CRO to go website www.crotogo.hr or contact them at: [email protected]

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