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Brač: 12 things to do on Dalmatia’s largest island


By Iva Ralica

Another beautiful spot on the Croatian coast, and also the largest island in Dalmatia, Brač, is full of spectacular nature, beaches and historical monuments which will mean a short there trip will not be long enough.

This month a new fast ferry from Split Airport to Brač lauched. The Split Express connects Split Airport and Split centre with Bol on Brač. The direct line from Split Airport to Bol takes 1 hour, and 1 hour and 20 minutes to Bol from Split port in the centre of town. From Bol to Split Airport there are three daily services. 

With so much to see and do on the island and usually little time for tourists, we have narrowed it down to just 12 things.

1. Zlatni Rat Beach

Zlatni rat in Bol (Photo: Ivo Biocina/CNTB)

One of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia is this Golden Cape covered in white pebbles and forming an interesting shape that changes with water current and strong winds. The view stretches between the turquoise sea and the green pine trees. Windsurfing and diving are great ways to enjoy this beautiful part of Brač.

2. Vidova Gora & Military-Style Ride

The panoramic view from this peak is one of the most beautiful things to experience while on Brač. You can see all the way to Jabuka, Korčula, Vis and the view stretches over Zlatni Rat, the town of Bol and the surrounding gorgeous blue sea.

A military-style ride in the original vehicles around Trolokve and to Vidova Gora will assure you a unique experience.

3. Blaca Monastery

An interesting walking tour around this historical and magical monastery settled around the cliffs in the desert of Brač, a few kilometers from the bay will take you back to the early 16th century.

Today this is a museum filled with around 10 000 books, paintings, rich armor collection, a piano and a telescope that were allegedly acquired through the exchange of monastery’s farm products such as olive oil, wine and honey.

4. Dragons Cave

Zmajeva spilja is one of four monasteries around Bol and it originates, according to some, from the 4th century, but 1450 was the year the first clerks came. The cave is said to had formed the fairytale legends. On this adventurous experience you can visit the monasteries Silvio and Stipančić and witness the spectacular view over Vis and Hvar.

5. Visit the Sculpting Academy in Pučišća

Stonemasonry school on Brač (Photo: Snbstone/Facebook)

The old tradition of lapidary is still alive on the island, so you can see how the rough stone from Brač is transformed into beautiful art pieces. The sculptures can be seen all around the town.

You could even check-out the famous quarry. Pure white limestone for the White House came from the quarries near Pučišća.

6. Stroll Around Bol Town

Bol town (image: Marin0110 under CC)

Discover many interesting churches around the town, such as the Gothic-Renaissance church from the 15th century, Our Lady of Grace, explore the local market and the “Kings Stairs”, as well as the Branislav Dešković Gallery in a 17th century Renaissance-Baroque palace. Don’t miss the sight of the famous house in a house.

7. Try the Local Food & Wine

Grapes from the local vineyards make some of the finest wine in Croatia. Traditional specialties and such as lamb, pršut, cheese, shellfish, squid and fish are the inevitable choice for the finest gourmand.

8. Visit the Ethno Village – Dol

This picturesque village witness the rich history of Brač. The forest and rough stone surround this place of the unique architecture in the Mediterranean atmosphere. Also try the tasteful traditional cake called Hrapoćuša, named after the surrounding stone of Dol.

9. Check Out Postira & Lovrenčina Bay

This small settlement was established in the 16th century and numerous stone houses prove about the rich history of the ancestors. See the castle in which Croatian poet Vladimir Nazor was born, the Parish Church that dates back to the 6th century with a hidden Christian basilika and Mirje on the Mali brig (hill) with an early Christian monastery complex.

Nearby Lovrečina is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches around these parts which hides the remains of the 5th-century church.

10. Visit Supetar & Škrip

With its historical heritage dating back to the Romans and with many early Romanic churches as well as villas, you will discover the rich history of these parts. Visit the most beautiful parts of Supetar on a cultural tour where you will see the works of art of the father of modern Croatian sculpture – Ivan Rendić.

The oldest village on the island is Škrip and it is a museum of architectural tradition and in the 16th-century tower, it hosts the Island of Brač Museum.

11. Nerežišća

Nerežišća (Photo: Marijan under CC)

In the olden days, Nerežišća was the capital of the island. Check out Nerežišća for its famous Chapel in the centre of its town which has a 200-year-old pine growing through it.

12. Visit Museum of Olive Oil

The Museum of Olive Oil

The Museum of Olive Oil, located in the small town of Škrip, which has a history dating back over 3,000 years, presents the history and traditional process of olive oil production on the island Brač. You can check out a number of unique exhibits on display at the museum, including an original oil mill, olive press, spindle for tightening press screw, bags, fireplace for heating the water and all traditional tools for transport, production and storage of olive oil. There is also an opportunity to taste award-winning olive oil and well as buying some to take home.

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