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Bon Jovi Walks Branka Delic Down the Aisle

Since she was a kid she always dreamed that one day she would marry rock legend Jon Bon Jovi. When Jon tied the knot in Vegas in 1989 to his now wife Dorothea Hurley that dream slipped away, but on the weekend Branka Delic got the next best thing – marched down the aisle by the Livin’ on a Prayer icon.

Branka and Jon - pic: Instagram

Branka and Jon – pic: Instagram

When Delic started an online petition  for Jon Bon Jovi to walk her down the aisle on her wedding day using the website titled BonJoviWalkMeDownTheAisle.com, the girl from Australia did not expect much to come from it. However, Delic’s dreams came true on when she married her partner Gonzalo Cladera in Las Vegas on the weekend, at the same chapel Bon Jovi tied the knot at more than 23 years ago. Bon Jovi were performing nearby at the MGM Grand Garden Arena and Jon was more than happy to attend the ceremony and walk Delic down the aisle.

“You did more than make my dream come true, you changed my life forever! An amazing man with an amazing generous heart.” tweeted Branka about Jon on the big day.

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