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Best of Istria Travel Guide Combines Locals Tips with Google Maps

If you interested in the popular Croatian region of Istria and local insight is what you are after then check out Toni Krasnic’s new book – Best of Istria: 25 Amazing Trips through Croatia’s Terra Magica.

The book, which focuses on Istria and all it has to offer, has just been released and is available now for purchase on Amazon.

Best of Istria will take you on scenic trips through Istria, guiding you in your discovery of popular attractions, as well as obscure towns, and charming places off the beaten path.

This comprehensive travel guide, full of native knowledge and complemented with Google Maps, combines Toni Krasnic’s first-hand local experience of Istria with his work as a Croatia Local Guide and Google Maps.

“In the Best of Istria travel guide, I share my intimate knowledge of Istria and recommendations of Istria locals,” says Toni, “while marrying it with Google Maps, to make everyone’s travel in Istria more memorable and enjoyable.”


The book includes 25 unique trips through Istria organized around various interests, including outdoor fun, wine tours, food tastings, family adventures, and much more.

The book also offers practical information you’ll need when visiting Istria, and includes highlights of major towns, regions, and popular events.

The book is accompanied by the Best of Istria Google Map companion and Google+ Croatia Local Guides Community.

With full coverage of Istria, on and off the main roads, Best of Istria will take you from the outskirts of Istria into the heart of Terra Magica (magical land) of Croatia.

Don’t miss an opportunity to discover all the breathtaking views, hidden gems, and authentic local experiences with Best of Istria by your side as you explore this magical region.

For more information, visit www.adriaticroadtrip.com/p/istria.html.

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