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Benefit ideas for new Croatian diaspora card welcome

Volim Hrvatsku diaspora card

ZAGREB, 28 May 2019 – The “Volim Hrvatsku” card was one of the many initiatives launched at the Diaspora Conference in Split earlier this month.

Hrvatska Poštanska Banka-HPB (Croatian Postal Bank) is offering the “Volim Hrvatsku” card to curb the barriers for the Croatian Diaspora by offering benefits to Croatians visiting their homeland and to potentially ease the process of doing business and returning to Croatia.

It was announced at conference in Split that the “Go Croatia” design (pictured above) will be the new diaspora card after over 700 people voted for the design. The second most popular design was “Grgur Ninski” with just over 70 votes and “Gundulićev san” third with just under 60 votes. Due to the high demand for the “Volim Hrvatsku” Diaspora Card, Mladen Mrvelj, CTO and member of the management board at HPB, has also announced that they will be giving a free diaspora card to every person who voted online for the design. 

HPB will be contacting those who will be receiving the first diaspora cards in the upcoming weeks. HPB now needs the diaspora’s help to determine the benefits of the card. All are welcome to brainstorm possible ideas that benefits the diaspora.  To have your diaspora card ideas shared click here.

Having a bank account in Croatia opens up opportunities for Croatian diaspora to do business in Croatia and the European Union. Above all, the idea is to help ease the process of Croatians who want to move back to the homeland. Some of the benefits that have been suggested to the management board are discounts for accommodations, for festivals and it has also been suggested the creation of a fund to help Croatian diaspora return and establish themselves in the country. Since HPB (Croatian Postal Bank) is connected to the postal service, one of the benefits of this card can be a more efficient way to send remittance money to relatives in Croatia.

HPB is Croatia’s largest bank with 19.3 billion HRK (2.6 Billion Euros) worth of assets. They have recently acquired Jadranska Banka, located in Šibenik. It is also the most accessible bank in Croatia due to having its infrastructure not just in its banks and select ATM locations but also in more rural regions of the country: wherever there is a post office there is an HPB ATM or bank.

Make your voice heard. What benefits do you want for your HPB Diaspora card? Fill out their survey here

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