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Bear Population Reaches 1,000 in Croatia

bearThere around 1,000 bears currently living in Croatia, which by European standards is an extremely high number…

The current number of bears in the country is near capacity, which means that for the first time the yearly licenced killing quota will pass 100 bears, and get raised to 120. The number of bears in Croatia has been steadily rising since the 1960’s, and Croatia is recognised on the world level as one of the countries in which the coexistence of humans and the big beautiful beast is at the highest level.

Speaking at a seminar, Professor Đuro Huber says that according to official statistics, the bears create around 6,000 euros in damages per year.

“That is just 6 euros per bear. In Norway it is dramatically different because one bear creates around 12,000 euros damage, and in Slovenia, annually the bears create 250 euros of damage each,” said Huber, adding that Croatia’s relations with its bears, where they are considered part of the environment, is different from a number of other places.

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