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Balkans Coca-Cola Turns 60

Croatian food company Atlantic Grupa are celebrating the 60th anniversary of one of its most famous products – Cockta, the soft drink which was regarded as Yugoslavia’s answer to Coca-Cola.

Cockta was the first non-alcoholic fizzy drink in Yugoslavia when chemical engineer Emerik Zelinka, an employee of Slovenijavino in Ljubljana concocted the drink using local herbs. The drink was registered at the national patent office in Belgrade and in Berlin in 1953.

Cockta, a variation on the world-famous Coca-Cola drink, has a defining taste thanks to the blend of eleven different local herbs, including rosehip. The marketing campaign behind Cockta was very carefully prepared: it brought in designers, including some students of architecture, who designed the corporate image using the modest selection of typefaces they had at their disposal.

Today Cockta is sold all over the region and is in the portfolio of Croatian company Atlantic Grupa, owners of the famous Cedevita brand also in Croatia.

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