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Award-Winning Croatian Olive Oil Heading to U.S Market

Croatian olive oil heading to the U.S (photo Chiavalon)

Croatian olive oil heading to the U.S (photo Chiavalon)

Quality olive oil from Croatia’s Istria region will soon be available in the United States..

Chiavalon Olive Oil Estate in Vodnjan, Istria have recently signed an export agreement with Drusk Trading Company, owned by Mike Druskovich, to send their award-winning products across the Atlantic, reports Poslovni.hr.

The first shipment of products have already arrived and for now the plan is to sell the Chiavalon EX ALBIS extra virgin olive oil, which has been voted as one of the fifteen best olive oils in the world, and most awarded olive oil in Croatia, accross all of the United States. The aim is to sell the quality olive oil to top restaurants.

Besides the United States, Chiavalon olive oil is exported already to all EU states, Taiwan and Japan. Currently the small family-run estate produces 10 tonnes of oil annually, however with more trees set to be producing shortly, the capacity is set to double in two or three years. Druskovich hopes this is the start and they will import more olive oils from producers on Croatia’s eastern coast.

It is an exciting time for Croatian olive oils with the quality being recognised all over the world. Recently the respected Flos Olei Guide named Istria the best extra virgin olive oil region in the world.

“Because of the company Chiavalon is I am proud of my Croatian roots. Olive oil from Croatia will become a big hit in the U.S where the demand for olive oil is big,” Drusskovich said, adding that the olive oil will be available online to purchase.

(photos: Chiavalon)

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