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Asian Invasion: 45% More Chinese Visit Zagreb

Croatia’s beautiful Adriatic coast was not the only place to experience a boomer tourist season in 2012. There were 675,707 tourists visiting Zagreb in the first 10 months of 2012, up 5.7% on the previous year as Croatia’s capital gains in popularity among tourists. Tourists from most overseas nations grew in 2012 – but none more so than those from Israel and China.

14,754 Chinese nationals visited Zagreb, up a massive 45% on 2011. But still it was not the highest growth recorded in 2012, there were 12,305 tourists from Israel to Croatia’s capital, up 47.8% on the previous year.

There were 11,292 visitors from Korea, up 37.8%, whilst there were 24% more Turks visiting Zagreb in 2012.

Germany still provided Zagreb with the largest number of tourists, 47,865 (up 11.7%), followed by the US with 30,861 (up 9.5%), and Austria with 28,274 (up 13.1%).

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