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A Touch Of Dalmatia In New York

New Yorkers will get a chance to see the spectacular Dalmatia region of Croatia come to life thanks to renowned Croatian artist Zvonimir Mihanovic. The hyper-realist artist, born near Split on the Dalmatian coast, will exhibit at the prestigious Forbes Gallery in Greenwich Village opening on 11 December.

Mihanovic realises the great opportunity to promote Croatia and its beautiful coast amongst the wealthy business and art collectors circle in New York.

The Forbes family is one of the wealthiest in America, they are renowned for their importance in the business and political scene in America. Forbes Magazine is one of their 10 magazines, said Mihanovic to Slobodna Dalmacija, before adding.

30 oil on canvas paintings will be exhibited, besides 12 new paintings, the rest of the paintings will come from private collections around the USA. At the opening there will be 200 selected guests of the Forbes family, some of my family and friends, and 3,500 people have registered interest in visiting in the next 2 months. After the opening around 50 invited guests will go for dinner at the Croatian restaurant “Berulia”, which is the old name for Brela (town on Dalmatian coast), where we will be served Dalmatian delicacies, said Mihanovic.

After completing his elementary and high school education in Split, Croatia Mihanovic went to Paris in 1971 to study at the L’Ecole des beaux-arts in the studio of French painter Zavaro. In order to learn the craft of classical painting, he explored museums and galleries in Western Europe and the United States and perfected his skill by making sanctioned copies of paintings by the old masters.

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