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70 concerts around the world to honour the late Oliver Dragojević

Oliver Dragojević (Photo: Frka under CC)

23 April 2019 – Ten Croatian singers will perform 70 concerts around the world on an 18 month tour in honour of the late Oliver Dragojević. 

Dragojević, who was one of the greatest Croatian singers of all time and loved all over the world, passed away last summer at the age of 70 after short battle with cancer. 

The late singer’s nephew, Petar Dragojević, is organising a world tour of concerts featuring the icon’s famous hits. 

“We are planning the tour which will feature 70 concerts around the world with performances from 10 well-known Croatian singers, including myself. All performers will be accompanied by Oliver’s band. The tour will last a year and a half, starting in Sweden, Germany, Australia, Canada, America, mainly in the bigger cities, where a lot of Croatian immigrants live who loved Oliver,” Dragojević told CroExpress

Oliver had a big influence on getting Petar into music. 

“Oliver, my father, and our grandfather and great grandfather were musicians. Genetics had an effect on me too,” Petar, who recorded a duet with his famous uncle called ‘Istog smo roda’, added.  

Born in Vela Luka on the island of Korčula, Dragojevic enjoyed a career spanning four decades and was considered one of the most iconic musical stars in Croatia and in the Croatian diaspora around the world. He was one of the few Croatian musicians who has performed at Carnegie Hall (New York), Royal Albert Hall (London), Olympia (Paris) and the Sydney Opera House. 

Dragojević’s solo career really began in 1974 at the Split Festival, where he won with the song “Ča će mi Copacabana”. A year later, composer Zdenko Runjić and Dragojević, released the song “Galeb i Ja” which became a huge hit and made him a household name. He followed it up with a number of other huge hits over the years such as “Cesarica”, “Oprosti Mi, Pape”, “Skalinada”, “Zuto Lisce Ljubavi”, “Nadalina”, and”Piva klapa ispod volta”.

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