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7 green trump cards in the heart of Slavonia for a perfect city escape


We all need to recharge our batteries for a challenging autumn ahead, and Croatia’s Požega-Slavonia County has everything we need – accommodation facilities in the most secluded places, from camps to luxury villas, numerous picnic areas, and attractive outdoor locations that offer peace, but also many adrenaline thrills.

Camping has never been more attractive

Eco-Camp Duboka (Photo: Matija Pospihalj)

The popularity of camps has been growing in recent years, and in the new circumstances, they are a real hit for those who do not want to give up travel. For a safe holiday in harmony with nature, choose Duboka, the first eco-camp in continental Croatia. It is located in Velika, the place where the official entrance to the Papuk Nature Park is, and next to Požega is the camping rest area Zlatni lug, a small but sweet oasis of peace. The camp resting place is next to Pleternica, on the spacious Čondić ranch with fifteen species of animals, promenades, lookouts, lakes, fields, and play equipment.

Adrenaline park for big and small

Adrenaline Park (Photo: Mardi)

Adrenaline park Duboka in Velika is the right address for those who want adrenaline. A polygon with 12 elements for adults and another, slightly smaller, with nine elements for children; untouched nature in the valley along the Dubočanka stream, the beautiful Papuk Park Nature Park – a superb pastime in nature for the whole family.

The house of the Pannonian Sea where sharks once swam

House of Pannonian Sea

Find out a story more than 16 million years old when the mountains Psunj, Papuk, and Krndija were just islands in the Pannonian Sea. Sharks used to swim in the Slavonian archipelago, coral reefs “grew”, seals lived… An interactive floor on which they can play is especially interesting for children, just as if they were on the sand of the Pannonian Sea.

Villas Montis Aurea for those who value peace and solitude

Private pool, jacuzzi, and sauna, all just for your family or selected company, in the heart of untouched nature. Holiday villas Montis Aurea in Novi Zvečevo in the Papuk Nature Park provide privacy and peace – what is currently at stake, and all the attractions of Požega-Slavonia County are at your fingertips. You will enjoy it.

Vila Montis Aurea

Terra Panonica in the town of Becarac

Terra Panonica

It is an ideal place for those who like to explore the natural beauty and protected plant and animal species of Požega-Slavonia County through multimedia education, presentations, and games. The newly opened Terra Panonica Interpretation Center is located in Pleternica, which has been part of the Natura 2000 Ecological Network for years.

The most beautiful view of Slavonia can be seen from Omanovac


This picnic area is located in Psunj, eight kilometers from the center of Pakrac, and from the terrace of the mountain lodge, which offers very reasonable accommodation prices, offers one of the most beautiful views in continental Croatia. There is also a paragliding airfield and in winter a small modern ski slope with lighting. Around the picnic area is a seven-kilometer-long circular bike path – a paradise for recreationists and nature lovers.

Horseback riding is in

(Photo: Maja Hrnjak)

The state stud farm of Lipizzaners in Lipik, which was founded in 1843 by Count Drašković, is the pride of this area. It is simply a must-see, and along the way you can take a carriage ride or even better to a riding school. Experienced riders will not miss riding from Lipik to Pakrac along the groomed Lipizzaner and Kuna Trails.

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