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60 Seconds With…Nikki Adler – The World Boxing Champion With Croatian Roots

Nikki Adler (photo credit/Studioarts Photography)

Nikki Adler (photo credit/Studioarts Photography)

Five years ago Nikolina Orlović won bronze for Croatia at the European Boxing Championships, becoming the first Croatian woman to win a European boxing medal…

Today, fighting under the German flag, Nikki Adler, who changed her name when she moved to fight for Germany, is the current four-time World Boxing Champion. Nikki’s achievements have been astounding, she is the current WBU, WIBA, WBF, and WBC World Champion, and she was also the International German Champion BDB and European Champion WIBF.

Croatia Week caught up with the likable and inspirational 28-year-old for the latest edition of ’60 Seconds With’.

Hi Nikki. So how did you first start to get into boxing?

I always had a lot of energy and power and I was looking for a sport which additionally challenges my brain. Many don´t think that you need your head when you are fighting but it´s an important part since you are following tactics and you need to learn to estimate your opponent within minutes and in every fight you have to push you beyond your limits.

Can you tell us a bit about your connection with Croatia?

Croatia is my second home. My family lives in Croatia and my roots are there. Everytime when I see the sea in Croatia my heart beats faster.

How did you end up to box for Germany?

Back in 2009 I got the advice to take the German citizenship especially regarding sponsorships. There was no chance back then to keep the double-citizenship with Croatia and Germany.



How many hours do you train and what is your favourite training drill?

Daily I practice twice but in preparation for fights three times and when I am on holiday once. A practice session takes around 1-2 hours. My favourite practice is on the sandbag because you can exploit there and you can practice the speed very well.

And what is your least favourite training drill?

I run because I have to run, it´s part of it. Condition is a very important part but it doesn´t make fun.


Nikki in action training

Nikki in action training

Which boxers do you most admire?

I do not have a role model in boxing because every boxer is different. Every boxer has its own history. Everybody scoop his power from different reasons.

Favourite food?

I love Pizza. My coach doesn´t like to see it but I can eat Pizza always, even for breakfast.

What do you enjoy doing outside of the ring?

I am active for heartcase children (Stiftung KinderHerz), I practice with the youth and I fight against drugs. Also I am doing lectures to teach what businesspeople can learn from a Boxer to become even more successful. Also I attend many events and give autograph sessions or take part in TV-Shows.


Nikki is also in the fight against drugs

Nikki is also in the fight against drugs

Favourite destination to visit in Croatia?

The place I love the most in Croatia is my childhood home.

So, if Croatia are playing Germany in football who are you supporting?

The better one should win 😉

What are your goals for the future in boxing?

My dream is to fight in the Madison Square Garden in New York. Also to win more World Championship titles e.g. WBO IBF WBA.

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