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60 Seconds With…Josef Rakich

CroatiaWeekWith weight loss and body toning all the rage these days, there is one man who is getting men and women into shape all over the world thanks to his workout and meal plans. Number 1 voted online Personal Trainer Josef Rakich, who has over 600,000 fans on Facebook, joins Croatia Week for ‘60 Seconds With...’

How and why did you get started with your business?

It first started off on the BodyBuilding.com forums, I use to post in the forums and upload progress photos of my results in the gym, people started to contact me and talk to me on there and ask me questions about my diet, I often got asked to help them out with a meal plan or training program, so I did. it got to the point where I was getting a lot of people interested so I decided to charge for my services, I got a basic website set up which was nothing but a “buy now” button, people started purchasing meal plans and workout programs from me and started getting results, as time went by people started talking and I just got busier and busier, I now have over 4000 clients and everyday just getting more and more sign ups

You have over 600k fans on Facebook, what do you think has made you so popular?

I think I have become so popular because a lot of people could relate to me, they saw me transform my own physique and I am interesting to follow, I interact with all my fans and followers and post good useful tips and information. Health and Fitness is the fastest growing industry, everyone these days wants to have the ideal physique

Voted number one online personal trainer

Voted number one online personal trainer

 Where do your clients mainly come from?

My clients come from all over the world, I have clients from everywhere! The top countries where my clients come from are: United States, Egypt, India, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada. I now advertise through Facebook and I target most of my ads to Egypt now as from the research we have done Egypt is one of the biggest countries for BodyBuilding, since I started doing this, my sales have increased literally 10x from what they use to be. Other markets I am trying to break into apart from the BodyBuilding scene is female weight loss scene, as this is a huge market, so now I am trying to make my website more female friendly so i can reach out to this whole other niche

What is the most popular plan people are going for these days?

My 12 Week Transformation Program which is a combination of all 3, meal plan, workout program & abs workout

What is your one best weight loss tip for those who struggle with extra kilos?

Stick to a calorie deficit diet and stay consistent, if you do this then weight loss is 100% guaranteed, it can be no other way

Josef shows what can be done

Josef shows what can be done

Who is your role model in the fitness industry?

I have many role models in the fitness Industry, but my all time favorites are still the old school bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Frank Zane

One of Josef's role models, the great man Arnold Schwarzenegger

One of Josef’s role models, the great man Arnold Schwarzenegger

You’re obviously a very motivated guy, what is your favourite motivational quote?

Everything in this world is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. it can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics

Favourite food?
PROATS, which is protein powder and oats mixed together, I also add frozen mixed berries to this

Favourite drink?
Water (seriously)

Favourite ‘junk’ food?
Don’t really have a favorite “junk food” but I would say if i had to pick something maybe Pizza

Josef doesn't mind the odd pizza

Josef doesn’t mind the odd pizza

How do you relax when you’re not training?
I don’t relax haha, I am either working, training or sleeping

You can check out Josef’s tips and enquire about a personal plan on his website or his popular Facebook page

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