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60 Seconds With…Jelena Rozga

JelenaShe is one of the hottest properties currently on the Croatian pop scene. After a successful career as lead singer of cult band Magazin, Jelena Rozga has carved out an even more successful solo career. With over 600,000 Facebook fans she is of the most famous faces in Croatia today. Croatia Week caught up with the pop star from Split in the latest installment of ’60 Seconds With…’

Hello Jelena, thanks for joining us. So tell us, when did you first start singing?

I joined the band Magazin when I was 18 years old. I was a ballet dancer with a promising future, but my destiny was to become a singer in a group and I loved that the most

Who was your favourite singer growing up?

Former lead singer of the same group (Magazin), Ljiljana Nikolovska. I was telling to everyone that I want to be like her one day when I grow up

Which concert is your most memorable you have played?

I have great memories from all my concerts but I will remember my first big concert in Spaladium Arena in Split on 2011, I was the first woman who sold out that venue. I didn’t expect it and i was very nervous and afraid before the concert.. there is nothing better than to sing in your own city (and Split is very particular town-they either love you or hate you)

Spaladium Arena in Split

Spaladium Arena in Split

Where would you love to sing at?

I don’t have any specific place… I would like to make another tour like few a years ago but we will see, something like that demands a lot of things and especially lots of free time which I don’t have for now

Favourite place in Croatia?

My home town Split. I am travelling a lot, most of the time in order to perform, but I am always glad and happy to come home to my flat, to my dog, to my friends…there is no place like my home



Favourite restaurant in Croatia?

In Split there are plenty of great restaurants which I highly recommend, I couldn’t specify, it wouldn’t be fair to others

How do you relax away from singing?

Although I have many obligations even when I don’t perform, I always try to stay alone for some time, just me and my thoughts, even if I am not alone…I need that in order to have a clear mind, in order to stay calm and reasonable when pressure is too big. I have an adorable dog called Ringo, he is like medicine for me, he makes me laugh, he is very cute

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you travel to?

I love travelling and at least once per year I go somewhere.. I love Greece and am always glad to go there when I have time. I have friends there and I feel like I am at home

What exciting things do you have coming up?

Just a few days ago my new song called Tsunami was released. I was very surprised that 400,000 people saw it on YouTube in just the first 24 hours which is a personal record. I have received many calls, all congratulatory, so I want to believe that this is my new hit and I am very happy for that, I couldn’t imagine A better end to this year

What would you be doing if you were not a singer?

Never thought about it. No way I would be something else

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