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5 great hiking trails in Slavonia

Hiking in Slavonia

If the eastern Croatian region of Slavonia is not on your hiking map it should be.

Outdoor hiking has a myriad of benefits for both the body and the mind. People usually imagine Slavonia as a vast plain, but 67 hiking trails, including Požeška Gora, Papuk, Dilj, Krndija and Psunj suggest otherwise.

There are plenty of reasons to go hiking in Slavonia, simply choose the path that best suits your desires, physical condition and enjoy the beauty of nature no matter what the season. Here are five spots worth checking out.

Sokolovac Hill on Požeška Gora


Five hills surrounding the Golden Valley offer the opportunity for a great active vacation. Right next to the south side of Požega lies Požeška Gora, with its well-kept cycling and hiking trails that pass through the Požega vineyards, just minutes away from the city’s center.

If you take the route following “Staza Sokol” from the center of Požega towards Požeška Gora, after one and a half kilometres you will come to the Sokolovac lookout from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of the city. This mountain was named after fra Luka Ibrišimović “Sokol”, who, according to the legend, has expelled the Ottomans from these regions.


An attractive Požega promenade from Trg Sv. Trojstva through Kalvarija to Sokolovac is complemented by 16 instructive panels featuring interesting wildlife, vegetation, geological points of interest, town history with a magnificent view of the panorama of the Golden Valley and the Slavonian hills.

Klikun & Starac Hills above Pleternica


Starac Hill above Pleternica featuring charming St. Peter’s chapel will provide you with a unique blend of peace and beauty of nature, as well as a beautiful view of Pleternica plains and forests. If you are a wine lover make sure not to miss a pleasant walk to Klikun hill. Its name was derived from the way the locals pronounced the name of the widow Clicquot, the same lady who in the 19th century conquered the world with her champagne.

According to the legend, on her way to Petrograd, she visited Pleternica and was so thrilled with the hills and oak barrels that on her way back to Champaigne she gifted people of Pleternica grapevines. Starac and Klikun are a part of and the Wine and Roses Road that runs three and a half kilometers from the center of Pleternica around the surrounding vineyards.

Lapjak Mountain Lodge in Velika


Above the thermal springs in Velika, at the end of the river in Dubočanka valley, you will find the Lapjak mountain lodge. Tauber rocks will lead you from the mountain lodge to the top of Lapjak.


If you like longer and more demanding trails, go for the round tour – Velički visovi, which leads from the mountain lodge to the northeastern tip of Papuk – Češljakovački vis, and descends towards the mountaineering shelter Trišnjica and further the Dubočanka valley back to Velika.



North of Velika, the main entrance to the Papuk Nature Park, you will come to the3th-century town Velički grad, one of the eight medieval fortifications built around Papuk. Whether you enjoy walking, hiking or cycling you will be thrilled by its mountainous mass, which along the western part of Krndija makes a unique oasis in the heart of Slavonia.


Medieval town Kaptol

Enjoy the beauty of its dense forests or take a break in a nearby Jankovac Mountain Lodge and Jankovac Excursion Park.

Omanovac – Most Beautiful View of Moslavina & Slavonia


Do you know that Papuk and Psunj were once islands in the Pannonian Sea? The sea has long since gone, but the green oases of unprecedented forests are still here as a reminder! In the area of Lipik and Pakrac, there are 23 hiking trails running through the beautiful Psunj.


One of the most beautiful hiking destinations in Croatia is Omanovac, located at 655 meters above sea level. Enjoy Omanovac, regardless of the season. With grilling, football, 3D archery, paragliding, this attractive spot provides a magnificent view of Moslavina and Slavonia. Omanovac mountain lodge has 40 beds available.


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