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4th Century Amphitheater Discovered in Split

Archaeologists in the Croatian city of Split have found the remains of an ancient amphitheater right in the city centre, believed to be from the beginning of the fourth century…



“According to the latest research findings, which are still in progress, it was discovered that this is not a theater but an amphitheater with an arena in the range of 50 meters. Because of this discovery, we will not stop life in the city, but we will preserve the site and fill it in temporarily until we prepare its presentation. It’s not simple. It is very complex, but also possible, but for that we will need additional funds. In speaking with city officials it has been agreed to access EU funds. We will create a valuable project that will at the very heart of Split and show the monument in all of its exceptional quality, ” said the head of the Conservation Department Radoslav Bužančić at a press conference held to announce the discovery.

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