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2013 Budget Spells Bad News For State Workers

There was more bad news for state employees when Croatian Minister of Finance Slavko Linic presented the 2013 Budget today in Zagreb. Total revenues planned for the 2013 budget total 113.7 billion kuna (close to 15 billion euros), whilst 124.5 billion kuna (16.5 billion euros) is the planned total government expenditure for next year.

To make room for the planned increase in expenditure, the government has bad news for its thousands of public service workers. It plans to reduce expenses for employees (including health facilities), make changes to collective agreements and to bring wage levels in state agencies, departments and institutes, in line with those in the civil and public services.

The budget in 2013 will see 2.3 billion kuna (305 million euros) less for state employees than in 2012, but there was good news for the countries pensioners, with 456 million kuna (60 million euros) more cash set aside for pensioners.

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