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100 Million Overnights Recorded for First Time in Croatian Tourism History

(Photo credit: Alex Cote/The Mindful Mermaid)

100 million overnight stays were recorded in Croatia this weekend for the first time in Croatian tourism history.

The milestone was passed this weekend, Croatia’s Minister of Tourism announced on Monday.

“We are exceptionally proud of the fact that we have achieved such a large and historic number and thus once again confirmed that Croatia is truly a hit tourist destination. This is the result of the work and cooperation of all stakeholders in tourism, and therefore I congratulate everyone on this historic result for Croatian tourism,” said Minister Gari Cappelli, before adding.

“This result is confirmation that tourism in Croatia does not just happen, but planning, marketing activities and organized work throughout the twelve months make great strides. Croatia is and may be much more than a summer destination, and we have confirmation of this by the excellent results in the pre and postseason this year.”

More than 17 million tourists have been in Croatia in the first 9 months of the year, more than 13% than in the same period last year.

Last year 16.3 million tourists visited Croatia which was a new record at the time.

Germans, Slovenes, Austrians, Poles, Czechs, and Italians were again the largest number of tourists in 2017 to Croatia.

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