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10 Great Beaches on Korčula Island


Island of Korcula (Photo credit: Ivo Biocina/HTZ)

With a heatwave going on we look at some great spots to cool down on the island of Korčula.

Korčula is located on Croatia’s southern Dalmatian coast and is arguably one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. Thanks to the island’s history, nature and gorgeous beaches, Korčula is one of Croatia’s true gems.

You will be spoiled for choice for beaches. There are of course a lot more, but here is a list of 10 top beaches on the island worth checking out.

1. Pavja Luka Beach

Pavja Luka Beach (photo credit: korculainfo.com)

This beach is located around 15 km from Korčula old town in the small secluded bay of Pavja Luka near the village of Žrnovo.

2. Žitna

Žitna (photo credit: summrvlle / Instagram)

Zitna is located around 1 km away from Zavalatica on the southern part of the island around 30 km from Korčula town.

3. Proizd

Proizd (photo credit: Londonbcn/Instagram)

Renowned for its crystal clear turquoise seas, Proizd is located in the Vela Luka gulf area.

4. Pupnatska Luka

Pupnatska Luka (Photo credit: visitkorcula.eu)

Pupnatska Luka is worth the trek in getting there. It is a cove on the eastern side near the village of Pupnat.

5. Vela Pržina

Vela Pržina

Sandy Vela Pržina beach in Lumbarda great for kids.

6. Vaja Beach

Vaja (photo credit: visitkorcula.eu)

Vaja is situated in Račišće around 12 km west of Korčula old town.

7. Bačva


Bačva is another stunning cove around the corner from Pupnatksa Luka on the same eastern coast.

8. Samograd

Samograd (photo credit: gidisdonus/Instagram)

The secluded bay of Samograd is located on the northern shores near Račišće village.

9. Istruga Beach

Istruga (photo credit; Visit Smokvica-Brna)

Istruga beach is an unusual beach located in the small bay of Istruga on the southern side of the island near Smokvica and Brna.

10. Badija Island

Badija (photo: nicolanne88/Instagram)

The small island of Badija island is just a short 10 minute water taxi-boat ride from Korčula town’s main harbour.

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