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“Maybe We Wont Enter EU, But You Wont Come To The Adriatic Coast” – Mayor Responds To Slovenia Minister


“The Slovenes say that maybe we will never enter the EU. The time has come for someone to say to them: maybe we will not enter the EU, but you will not be able to come to the Adriatic coast,” that is what the Mayor of Croatian city Rijeka Vojko Obersnel wrote on social network twitter after Slovenia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Karl Erjavec publicly stated that because Slovenia’s ratification of Croatia’s accession treaty to enter the EU was in jeopardy, that Croatia may never enter the EU.

Slovenia’s ratification is up in the air due to the “Ljubljanska bank” case. Slovenia want Croatia to withdraw its power of attorney given to Croatian banks to sue the Slovenian bank Ljubljanska Banka before Croatian courts.

The court case relates to the financial compensation for the Croatian depositors who lost their savings in the liquidation of the Slovenian-based Yugoslav bank Ljubljanska banka. In 1991, Croatian authorities allowed the transfer of two-thirds of the foreign-currency debt of the Zagreb branch of Ljubljanska banka to a number of Croatian banks. However, some 132,000 clients kept their savings in Ljubljanska banka.

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  1. If only Slovenia will stand in the way of accession, the rest of the EU will make it impossible for them to maintain such a position. The EU cannot allow the tail to wag the dog. Maybe there will be a delay, maybe even Croatia does not deserve to join but none of that matters to politicians. Some weasel words will be found and, in the end, it will be nobody’s fault and everyone will claim the victory.