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Zdravko Mamić to Leave Dinamo Zagreb

mamicDinamo Zagreb’s controversial Executive Director Zdravko Mamić has announced that he will be leaving the club in the summer….

Speaking at the club’s board meeting on Monday in Zagreb, Mamić, who has been under pressure from the club’s fan base to leave, said he does not want to be held hostage or be the undertaker of Croatian football.

“It is amazing that we have not been thrown out of Europe already (rebelling fans), but the next racism, Mamić is a gypsy chant, then they will throw Dinamo out of Europe. Therefore, during the summer we will discuss about my departure from the club because I do not want to be a hostage nor the undertaker for Croatian football,” said Mamić at yesterday’s board meeting.

Dinamo Zagreb’s Bad Blue Boys fans have boycotted the club’s matches until Mamić leaves the club. The outspoken director has had a string of incidents with fans and reporters over the years and is accused of using the club for his own personal gain. He was once called the craziest football chairman in football by the British press. It is not the first time that Mamić has talked about leaving the club so time will tell if he is serious this time.

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