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Zagreb World Leaders in International Winter Bike to Work Day


1970762_764064947021403_2861794739778866324_nZagreb is leading the way in the world for the number of people committed to riding on international Winter Bike to Work Day on Friday…

Only Oulu in Finland, who were 2014 winners also, has more registered riders currently who will be taking the bike to work on Friday, with Zagreb hot on its heels in the friendly international competition. This year has seen a record number of Zagrebians register, but also a number from all over Croatia. As of yesterday 270 had registered in Zagreb, just 11 behind those in Oulu. The results are being traced on the day’s official website.

Top 10
1 Oulu, Finland 281
2 Zagreb, Croatia 270
3 St.Petersburg, Russia 239
4 Montreal, Canada 222
5 Calgary, Canada 178
6 Minneapolis-St.Paul, USA 165
7 Edmonton, Canada 143
8 Winnipeg, Canada 136
9 Stockholm, Sweden 124
10 Anchorage, USA 123

International Winter Bike Day aims to get more bike riders on the road and encourages bikers to ride to work all year round, and not just when the weather is nice. Riders who take part in International Winter Bike to Work Day can register their participation online at www.winterbiketoworkday.org (photo / IWBTWD facebook)

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