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Zagreb, Varazdin, Osijek close all playgrounds

(Photo: HINA/ Edvard ŠUŠAK/)

ZAGREB, March 20 (Hina) – The City of Zagreb Education Department on Friday closed all playgrounds, including school and kindergarten playgrounds, to prevent the spreading of the novel coronavirus.

“In line with a decision by the National Civil Protection Authority, all playgrounds in Zagreb, including all kindergarten and school playgrounds and yards, will be closed to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus,” the department said.

It said that playgrounds which it will not be possible to lock will be sectioned off by barricade tape and that signs banning entry will be put up.

The civil protection authority in the northern city of Varazdin today decided to close all playgrounds as well as open-air platforms of local cafes because citizens have been disregarding warnings not to gather as protection against the spread of the coronavirus.

Local official Zlatan Avar told reporters the city authorities had been warning citizens for a week not to assemble in larger numbers in playgrounds, but to no avail.

“That is why we have decided to close all playgrounds today. They will be sectioned off with barricade tape and a notice will be put up warning people against gathering there,” he said, calling on citizens not to assemble in sports playgrounds either.

The authorities of the eastern city of Osijek decided to introduce the same measure as well.

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